Intraoral Dental Film

A high contrast film, providing greater resolution and detail, available in both D Speed and F Speed for reduced exposure. The flexible vinyl film packets have easy-opening tabs, with ultra soft edges for increased patient comfort. Films can be processed manually or automatically. 24-month shelf life.

Product Brochure | Instructions for Use (PDF)

Packaged:   150/box (Adult Film)
100/box (Child Film)

18200-QU QD 58 Adult D Speed
18310-QU QF 58 Adult F Speed
18201-QU QD 57 Adult D Speed Double Packs, 130/box
18410-QU QF 57 Adult F Speed Double Packs, 130/box
18235-QU QD 54 Child D Speed
18635-QU QF 54 Child F Speed