Flowable Composite

Our light curing, low viscosity composite is designed for use in Class III and Class V restorations as well as other dental applications. The 64% filled Bis-GMA resin formulation allows the composite to easily flow into difficult areas. The precision controlled syringe and unit dose tip delivery system allow for easy placement. Quala Flowable Composite is available in the five most popular VitaTM shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1.* Contains: 2 x 2g syringes with 20 tips (18g).

*VitaTM is a trademark of the Vident Corporation.

Product Brochure (PDF) | SDS (PDF)

Q40251 Shade A1
Q40252 Shade A2
Q40253 Shade A3
Q40254 Shade A3.5
Q40255 Shade B1