High Performance Bite Registration

Mousse-like vinyl polysiloxane derivative material in a high performance cartridge dispensing system. Hard setting material with excellent tear strength. Available in three different working/set times. Each kit contains two 50 ml cartridges and six 6.5 mm mixing tips. Available in Vanilla Créme, or traditional unflavored.

Product Brochure (PDF) | SDS (PDF)
Clear Bite Product Brochure (PDF)

Q-9001HP Regular Set
Q-9002HP Fast Set
Q-9000HP Super Fast Set
Q-9003HP Vanilla Créme Fast Set
Q-9004HP Vanilla Créme Super Fast Set
Q-9005HP Rigid Bite - Fast Set, Unflavored
(90+ Shore-A Hardness)
Q-9006HP Clear Bite, Fast Set
  Work Intraoral Set
Regular Set 2:00 1:00
Fast Set 0:30 1:00
Super Fast Set 0:30 0:30