Endo Files
Quala Files have a Contoured Hourglass Handle for slip-free tactile control. Quala Files exhibit superior cutting efficiency, flexibility and durability. Color coded, numbered handles for easy identification, with pre-applied rubber stops. Files can be sterilized by all methods.

K-Type Files
Square cutting blades in smaller sizes and triangular cutting blades in larger sizes provide the optimum balance between safety, flexibility and sharpness for cleaning and shaping the canal walls. High separation resistance.

Hedstrom Files

Optimal geometry and design give the Quala Hedstrom files outstanding flexibility and high torsion strength. One continuous flute for fast removal of debris.

Reamers Files

Sharp edges provide fast root canal excavation. Conical non-cutting tip follows canal curve, reducing risk of ledging, for smooth preparation of the canal wall. High separation resistance.